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Translator holding a BA in Translation and Interpretation, a MA in Translation Studies and a PhD in Translation; all of them from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona. I stayed at foreign universities such as Rheinische-Wilhelms-Universität-Bonn and Universität Potsdam and participated in several international seminars and conferences. My research was published in scientific journals.

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Proofreading services consist of preparing the text to be ready for publishing, verifying there are no grammar and spelling mistakes as well as ensuring its consistence. The languages in which these services are offered are Spanish and Catalan.


Translation services are the rewriting of a text in a different language from the original one. Translation implies a process of undersanting and reelaboration. I translate from English and German into Spanish and Catalan and between Spanish and Catalan.


Editing services are suitable for both authors and publishers who want to get the best out of a text. The first step is a professional reading report to establish the steps to be followed so that the text reaches its best version.


My professional story


Autorretrato con piano ruso

Wolf Wondratschek

A story about human relationships, success and failure, politics and history, about life in general, through the eyes of a journalist who observes and somehow befriends a mysterious retired Russian pianist.




Saša Stanišić

An autobiographical novel with a hint of legend, winner of the Best German Book of The Year Award.



Un poble traït

Paul Preston

Translation of the latest work on the history of Spain by the English historian and Hispanist Paul Preston.



Els barcelonins (i les barcelonines)

Màrius Carol i Pañella

Essay on Barcelona and its citizens.



Nocturn aranès

Imma Pericas

A novel about two parallel lives.